We buy all our coffee beans in partnership with an independent, family run importation business in London. They focus on long term partnerships with farmers, usually in poorer developing countries, paying fair prices for quality coffees. Importantly, they were the first importer to actively fight for a Fairtrade licence and the first to be granted a European organic licence. 

We have the upmost confidence that the journey our beans undertake from the farm to your cup, is achieved using the most up to date best practises available in our industry. 



We all know the devastating impact of plastic packaging on the environment and whilst there are no immediate cures, we have found a product that puts us firmly ahead of the game. 

Our packaging is made mainly from Sugarcane and is carbon negative in production. Plants are good, they fit in with the natural circle of life, we love plants and we are very happy to pioneer their use in packaging within the UK.

Traditional plastic packaging is made mostly from crude oil. That can involve oil spills, super toxic refineries and a long history of unethical business practises related to the fossil fuel industry. 

Although many people are keen on compostable packaging, currently these solutions create more methane gas than properly recycled material. A mix of both recycling and compostable materials are thought by scientists to be the best way forward for humans. This is called a 'circular plastic economy’

The production company we use are a member of both ‘1% for the planet’ and the ‘Seabin Project’. You can feel good that you are buying from not just a sustainable company, but one that actively gives back to the planet.



130 billion paper cups are used annually (and chucked away) worldwide. Wow!

Paper cups have been in existence in China since the 2nd century, they used clay to seal the cups and were used for tea. Modern paper cups were developed in the 20th century in the USA. The cups are sprayed with Polyethylene (PE) to seal the inside and outside of the cup. 

Importantly our takeaway cups are made using paper from sustainable managed plantations and sealed with plant sugars (PLA), rather than traditional resins derived from plastic.

We are constantly looking into the newest available products and most sustainable practises, we want to do lots more.

In the mean time we offer 30p off of every coffee to our customers that brings in their own re-usable cup and we sell many more re-usable options on our lifestyle page. 
We’ve made great strides in 2020-21 to become a much more environmentally friendly company. But we know there is so much more for us to learn and achieve along the road to creating a sustainable business. We see ourselves as a small but important cog in an ever changing world. 
We hope you come along for the eco-ride!