Filter - Single Origin

Filter - Single Origin



Clementine • Lime Zest • Fruit Gums



ALTITUDE - 1973-2250 MASL



Many cooperatives operating in the Rwandan highlands can count on strong support from across the globe for their prized, moderately acidic coffee. This is largely to do with the variety of coffee, high altitude and the terroir. They are renowned for producing flavours of citrus fruits with floral and tea like notes accompanying them, giving these a special place in the world of specialty coffee.

The Rebero, is a separation lot from the 633 farmers that are currently using the Kinini washing station, chosen from trees grown on north facing slopes at altitudes as high as 2250m above sea level. Due to the high altitude, this will result in a cooler climate for the coffee to grow, and usually produces sweeter and more acidic coffee. In the northern province of Rulindo, it has proven excellent for producing coffee, with neighbouring areas producing Cup of Excellence winning coffees. Expect bright clementine acidity, a syrupy fruit gum body with lime zest in the finish.